Ted Bundy's Daughter


patricio: hi Apr 7, 2014 18:59:10 GMT -5
hola: hola Apr 26, 2014 18:57:09 GMT -5
hola: soy una chica Apr 26, 2014 18:57:35 GMT -5
hola: algun cabllero Apr 26, 2014 18:57:43 GMT -5
tóómááss: en que idioma ahblan May 1, 2014 2:49:53 GMT -5
hola aca :3: hola :3 May 5, 2014 15:30:56 GMT -5
te puta madre: hola no bueno May 8, 2014 2:49:57 GMT -5
te puta madre: cinco de mayo tacos queso May 8, 2014 2:50:16 GMT -5
hey: hey May 14, 2014 14:33:32 GMT -5
dlynneb: Many of the facts concerning the case of Susan Eubanks, as I personally know them to be, are incorrect. Many people have strong opinions about Susan and what she did, and rightly so. But, the record should be accurate so the judgments are based in truth. May 16, 2014 15:35:49 GMT -5
alanthony3: remember, someone is always watching; got that from Donald Trump, so must have some validity. Also; the Law was designed for no other explanation of the facts of the accused. The words originally had virtue, now there just a good bluff statement to the tgt May 25, 2014 22:37:27 GMT -5
The Truth without the B.S.: I have been studying this case inside and out. My conclusion is Bob Fratta arrange to have his wife killed. Why not get a divorce? Save your life and family. For the record Bob wasn't a REAL POLICE OFFICER. I don't blame the Kids he killed their Mother. Jun 22, 2014 2:46:35 GMT -5
alanthony4: .Bob Fratta; where or why is his name mentioned out of the this, and none of those guys are real Police officers. and if Fratta was going to arrange to have his wife killed, he wouldn't have hire some black homeless person with a grade 3 education to doit Jun 29, 2014 17:27:11 GMT -5
alanthony4: look chances are Fratta committed the crime, but there was no evidence. till the police manufactured it. so we will never really know. It took them a long time to contrast a frame job, if he was guilty definitely. they would have charge him right away.. Jun 29, 2014 17:37:39 GMT -5
alanthony4: I was wondering; if you losers wanted to try another case; kind of like, we cant let alanthony get the last word.. cause to keep it simple. I did, and had, and have whatever proper grammar for the transcript. kind of hate leaving undefeated.Im the best.... Jul 3, 2014 23:54:25 GMT -5
alanthony 5: losers; I said .. Jul 26, 2014 17:36:00 GMT -5
alanthony 5: loser I said Jul 26, 2014 17:36:15 GMT -5
alanthony 5: losers. Jul 26, 2014 17:36:51 GMT -5
Aspis: ;) Jul 29, 2014 14:44:15 GMT -5
iamjumbo: winners 110, alananthony, loser 0 Sept 3, 2014 7:30:40 GMT -5
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