letter from Jack Trawick to Britney Spears


pete : test Jun 3, 2020 0:06:42 GMT -5
pete : test Jun 3, 2020 0:07:07 GMT -5
pete : test Jun 3, 2020 0:07:13 GMT -5
Blue Collar Scholar: Cruel vicious murdering filth even murdered an unborn baby as its mother, Sharon Tate, begged to be allowed to give birth to her baby then, as the knife blade repeatedly plunge through flesh, tissue and blood vessels she cried out to her mother in agony Sept 27, 2020 11:35:44 GMT -5
Sleuth of Florida: Evidence too much to go into BUT the "bruises" on Darlies arms were actually "iodine", yes and if you think Darin didn't have something to do with this horrible massacre think again. Of course Darlie is going to express innocence up until the last minute. Oct 22, 2020 11:17:12 GMT -5
a;anthony typo : its im fyck over here , ok, lets do another case, im ready Nov 20, 2020 5:06:05 GMT -5
a;anthony typo : oh yes after 60 sec, like f*** off looosers when u going to give it up Nov 20, 2020 5:09:26 GMT -5
Alicia: Your site is very interesting and helpful for me thanks for sharing with us, techactives.com/doreen-lioy/2252/ Dec 25, 2020 13:21:31 GMT -5
alanthony 2021: Irish Jim are you still patrolling the site; lurking; for the time i alanthony might decide to come out of retirement to defend one more case against one more of ur unfortunate citizen. i,m undefeated and i know that keeps u awake at night. Jan 24, 2021 8:30:09 GMT -5
alanthony2021: one other thing Irish Jim , you,er a punk when it comes to me. so get out of my face and my office before i kick ur ass in ur stupid looking plastic suit. Jan 24, 2021 8:42:22 GMT -5
kezzy24: Does anyone have a copy of the last dna results that were done? Feb 23, 2021 21:56:44 GMT -5
former neighbor: His mother was an abusive head case. Locked him out of the house while she would have a man over. Don't believe everything you read in the "media" Jul 26, 2021 16:43:09 GMT -5
Phocust : people still dont realize the impact it has on a child when they are abused. One day I hope people in america put 2 n 2 together and figure out a disturbed mind usually is made from the guardianship of the individual at the early years of life age 4 to 8 Jul 26, 2021 22:50:55 GMT -5
BuzzC: Arkie Barton whom you have an entire hidden thread on was executed on 19 May 2020 in Missouri. His last words were "I'm innocent, you're killing an innocent man." Aug 17, 2021 18:19:08 GMT -5
Griff: Did he allow his victim the same handholding he is asking for? Sept 7, 2021 18:26:57 GMT -5
finder: www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10152684687456933&set=a.10151031130446933 Dec 7, 2021 21:36:30 GMT -5
Finder: www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10155871820826933&set=picfp.564656932 Dec 7, 2021 21:46:45 GMT -5
Finder: Carole & Jamie/ Dec 7, 2021 21:47:01 GMT -5
Finder: Rose Bundy? www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=298418877017895&set=a.298418890351227 Dec 7, 2021 22:48:12 GMT -5
Po'd: Skylar Deleon lives, (happily as a 'female'). His sentence should be carried out. May 21, 2022 13:46:00 GMT -5
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